the fundamentals of OsteoSynthesis with a practically, easy to use KIT.

Experience fixation alternatives and get to know their pros and cons with state-of-the-art implant models!
All implant components are innovatively designed to work together. Users can choose from locked and non-locked plating and interlocking nailing when deciding which fracture fixation technique to employ. Additionally the OSKIT includes cerclage bands and lag screws. All implants can be reused.

Surgery is a hands-on profession. Being able to practise and experiment with various osteosynthesis options is a fun and effective way to understand the underlying principles of the art.
Predefined uniform hole patterns in the bones allow standard, locking and lag screws to fit seamlessly. Common fracture patterns such as spiral, oblique, transverse and wedge fractures permit users to alter the complexity of their fixations.

Based on the AO Müller Classification System!
Diaphyseal fracture patterns from the AO Müller Classification System are inlcuded for reference.

The OSKIT has been meticulously designed to provide immediate feedback on users fixation decisions. Configure different diaphyseal fracture patterns and experiment with fixation alternatives using state-of-the-art implant technology. Each component is locked in place within seconds allowing users to non-destructively test configurations with their hands. Light-weight and transportable, the OSKIT is easy to use, playful and encourages users to learn by trying.

Feel how different fracture elements behave!
See where problems occur!
Compare stiffness of fixation configurations.
These are the basis of surgical principles.